Digitzs launch and Crowdfunder raise

Marketing and strategy

In January  2016 I joined the leadership team at Digitzs as the interim CMO in preparation for the official launch in April 2016 at the ETA show in Las Vegas. Out of all of the participants, Digitzs had the second highest measured social media reach, pretty impressive considering this included large companies like Visa, MasterCard, and PayPal. In addition to traditional public relations and social media channels, we used Periscope to live stream our launch event and a panel. We created a hashtag which we were able to track on Eventifier.

As part of the crowdfunding strategy, the company has used public relations, social media to garner attention from investors, landing the company in the #1 spot on the CNBC Crowdfinance Index in August.

Results include increased brand recognition among highly niched target, and a $7 m investment round.