Copperbridge Foundation

Copperbridge Foundation (CBF) is a Miami-based 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization with a mission to promote cultural and educational exchange through the medium of artistic expression.
The foundation was formed to serve the public by building a cultural ‘bridge’ using art to unite people of different backgrounds, religions, and beliefs.

CBF creates platforms for people to exhibit and interpret art from a broad range of Caribbean, African, North and South American cultures with a special emphasis on Cuba.

Cultural Evolution, Copperfest 2014

“Copper Fest is the celebration of many collaborations between artists and the Copperbridge Foundation. We are so excited to be able to present this large number of artists and cultural experts to South Florida audiences.”
Geo Darder Founder & President - Copperbridge Foundation

Marketing, Public Relations, and Events

In 2014 I joined the Copperbridge Foundation as the interim Executive Director to help the organization get ready for the next phase of growth. During this time I worked closely with the CEO to create new fundraising strategies, ensuring diversified financial resources. I also worked closely with the staff to establish operational procedures in marketing, administration, fundraising and finance while implementing best practices across all digital platforms and communications.

During this time, I was the Executive Producer and Creative Director of Copperfest, part of the Cultural Evolution Series. The festival included 17 live events, dance, music, painting and sculpture exhibits and fundraising. We developed an extensive transmedia campaign that leveraged multiple platforms and formats. Over the course of three months, we created and executed a high impact social media and email marketing campaign that led to unprecedented international and domestic press coverage and social media reach which resulted in sold out performances and events.